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Created by a small business owner, for the small business owner. Quality, affordable and straight-forward bookkeeping by an experienced team with 20+ years

of book-loving wizardry. 

Wize-Wizards is your go-to team of bookkeeping geniuses that will help you take your business to the next level through our easily integrated bookkeeping services. Take control of your time and business with a team of wizards on your side!


What Programs Do You Use?

We are exclusive to Quickbooks Online!

We've found this is the best route for managing your bookkeeping services. 

Quickbooks Desktop User? We're happen to chat about switching to Online!

What Bookkeeping Services Do You Offer? 

During our consultation call, we'll customize our bookkeeping services 

to your specific business and industry.

Our Standard Package Includes Weekly or Monthly:

• Entry/Classification

• Bank Reconciliation

• Financial Reporting

• Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable


 • Initial Setup

How Often Will I Get Reports?

This is determined during our consultation call to find out what specifics work for your business needs. 

Do you Offer Credit Card Reconciliation?

Yes we do! We reconcile everything from credit cards, bank accounts, lines of credits, loans and more.

Who Works on My Bookkeeping?

When you hire Wize-Wizards, you have an entire team working on your bookkeeping!

By providing team support, we're able to provide 4 times the level of support VS assigning an individual to your account. No sick days, vacations, transitions, etc. You have a full team of support and you'll notice the difference that makes!

Can I Call and Chat About my Bookkeeping?

Absolutely! We love to chat and help our clients understand their books! 

Just reach out and we'll schedule a call or Zoom!

Do you Offer Auditing?

No, we are not CPA's however we can recommend some awesome ones!

Do You Offer Tax Services?

No, we do not. We highly recommend a CPA to conduct your taxes and we have some amazing recommendations we can provide!

Do You Offer Hourly Rates VS Packages?

No, we only offer full-service solutions and have found our packages to be the best industry-standard to properly manage books for small businesses.

Is There a Contract I Have to Sign?

Yes, however our contracts are come with 30 day notice to cancel, so we never lock you into a long term contract!

We want you to be happy with our team and services, and never want to work with a client who doesn't love us as much as we love them. So our 30 day contracts are designed for both parties to part ways if needed. 

Will There Ever be Extra Charges I Have to Pay Outside of my Package?

Surprise charges are the WORST! 

Your package is a flat-rate package and if there are any other charges, we will aways present to you for approval before we move forward with them or any work associated with it!


Where are you Based?

Our Wize-Wizard team is all virtual and has been, even before the pandemic! 

So we're spread out like butter from sea to shining sea, but feel like we are right next to each other through amazing technology that keeps us connected minute by minute.

We've all been working together at least 5+ years and have an amazing team culture of support, which is why we've been so successful in creating team support for our clients!