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High Fives

Meet Our Head Wizards

 When we aren't practicing our bookkeeping magic or bedazzling our robes, we are do other equally cool things! 

Meet the Team
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Director of Magic


Meet our Head Wize-Wizard! HWW is the face of our team, leading the charge into small businesses around the country, fueling the rest of our Wizard team with the most magical coffee concoctions and creating magic with numbers for all to see.


Bookkeeping Wizard


Meet Katie! Katie is one of our talented bookkeepers! She is a lifelong Alaskan, married with two little girls! Katie loves being outdoors and especially loves spending time at the cabin her family is building. Other hobbies include crafting and working in her garden and greenhouse. Katie loves bookkeeping because she has seen the relief it has given to her clients to have their books up to date and reports ready at any time. For Katie, this is the most heartwarming and rewarding part of her job! 


Bookkeeping Wizard


Meet Dan! Dan is one of the talented bookkeepers on the Wize-Wizards team! Dan is a family man with 2 kids and 2 fur babies! During his free time Dan enjoys biking, watching movies, home improvement and spending time with his kids and animals. Dan has a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and spent many years providing accounting services, operations management, and support to individuals and small businesses! At this point, bookkeeping runs through Dan’s veins! 

Wize-Wizards is your go-to team of bookkeeping geniuses that will help you take your business to the next level through our easily integrated bookkeeping services.

Take control of your time and business with a team of wizards on your side!

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